Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Ambassador Program

For every 5 tickets you sell we will give you 1 extra ticket to do with as you please!

In addition to this you will receive the following at:
10 Tickets sold = Anthropos T-Shirt
15 Tickets sold = 10 drinks tokens + 3 meal tokens + all the above
20 Tickets sold = art prints + all the above
25 Tickets sold = Glamping + all the above
30 Tickets sold = Anthropos Lifetime Festival Pass + all the above
40 Tickets sold = Anthropos Retreat Ticket + all the above
50 Tickets sold = Full Anthropos Life Time Membership (free entry to all future Antropos events, only available to ambassadors) + all the above

Email to become part of the program!

Ambassador Codes

Please enter your ambassador's code (3 digit alphanumeric):