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Evelyn Jenny Entwistle

Evelyn Jenny Entwistle a.k.a Nachthopper studies animation film in Ghent, Belgium.

She has a degree in illustration. The main characters in her animation films and illustrations are mostly animals combined with elements of mystery, existentialism and interconnectedness.
If her art does include human characters she will for sure explore the endless borders of the human mind including topics like 'mental illness', existential crisises, 'psychosis' and much more. The audience always gets a moving story which they can fill in with their own interpretation, it shows humour, paradoxes, metaphors, feelings of bliss, fragility, symbols and poetry.

Her art is a way to cope with this mutual world we we call 'reality'.

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Cactus Cat - Evelyn Jenny Entwistle

Intro - Evelyn Jenny Entwistle

artwork - Evelyn Jenny Entwistle

Igor - Evelyn Jenny Entwistle

Still from Igor - Evelyn Jenny Entwistle