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Ruary Allan

Cosmic Process - Ruary Allan


Ruary Allan is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. He lived abroad and travelled most of his adult life and now lives in Glastonbury which is just as strange as anywhere else he’s been. Influenced by psychedelic culture, Ruary was driven to express his inner vision and became a painter. A slow but progressive visual pilgrimage ensued focusing on the use of colour and spatiality to recreate worlds of the imagination, mediated by free association imagery and symbolism. He developed a body of intertwined works, sprouting from the underground of mind and culture and into various galleries and juried art festivals, onto CD covers, flyers and alternative magazines.

"Art is serious fun. The psyche travels through the eye, regarding and becoming world. Inspiration, exploration. Spontaneity and play. The subjective expresses itself through objects with objectives. There is a kind of alchemy in making sense impressions for the viewer out of the materials. Drawing meaning and feeling out of stuff. Matter turns into spirit-information and re-creates itself in the receiver. Experience is reassembled to evoke a recognition of our common condition and to reveal new depths and potentials."

Ganish - Ruary Allan

Smorga's Bored - Ruary Allan

Diluvian - Ruary Allan

Rasta Girl's Dream - Ruary Allan

Headlight - Ruary Allan

Bicubic Spellunking - Ruary Allan