Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival


It is possible to volunteer both during Anthropos Festival itself and pre-festival.

We offer you: Festival entry, 3 vegan meals every day and water/soft drinks/teas throughout (before/during/after festival) and a crew t-shirt.

If you want to volunteer during the festival you pay a deposit of £122 and work shifts (which you can swap with other volunteers) between the 12th to the 17th of June.
Approximately six to eight hours a day (not including travel to and from my shift), up to a maximum of 24 hours over the festival period 13th to the 17th of June.
Work includes things like: Stewarding, gate greeting, helping with parking, food preparation, waste management, production assistance, and many other small jobs. We are looking for enthusiastic people persons. Bring your own camping gear and a big smile!

Breakdown/Post-festival: If you are part of the pre-festival volunteering team we will ask some of you to help us with the breakdown from the 17-20th of June. and afterwards help us break it down for storage!

Please email (please check your spam) if you have any questions regarding volunteering at Anthropos Festival 12019.