Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Environmental Awareness

Here at Anthropos we want to build a self-sustaining environment where all our attendees can feel at home. We aim to create an atmosphere that will inspire you to be part of the changes we need to make which will move us forward to a low carbon, greener world. We will be planting seeds on how you can do this whilst sharing our space and hope you can leave the festival wanting to share what you have learnt.

Getting to Anthropos
We encourage a carpooling scheme to save on the amount of traffic flow entering our festival site. As an incentive for anyone who travels with a full car, we will be offering free parking once on site, so please do ask around; A car full of people parks for free, a car with some empty seats pays £5 and a car with only the driver £10. Bring your friends, make new ones! Find others travelling from your local area by joining our lift sharing group
For further information about car sharing please visit these sites: blablacar, liftshare.

We are part of the Energy Revolution! We will donate £3 for every Live in Vehicle/Camper passes sold, £2 for every full price parking ticket and £1 for reduced parking ticket to balance your fossil-fuel travel miles to the festival with charity Energy Revolution!


Eating at Anthropos
Food is a huge part of life and we want to make sure we offer the best options for you while enjoying your time with us. To keep in line with our ethos we have chosen to serve only plant based foods on site, eating with only reusable serve-ware.
What does this mean?
With the
With an ever-growing population our demand for food has naturally increased. Live-stock production uses an astounding 1/3 of all the worlds water supply to keep it flowing steadily. This water is not primarily used for feeding the animals but also for the crops that are grown to keep them alive.We now use 26% of the world’s surface to grow crops for live-stock alone.
With people all around the world still suffering from starvation it is said that if we instead used the land for live-stock feed to instead grow crops for people in need then we would no longer have issues with famine and could consequently feed the entire planet. On top of this, deforestation would slow down and more importantly innocent animals would stop dying in inhumane conditions. All this would be an outcome from slowing down the demand for meat production, not only flesh, but also leather, wool, eggs and dairy. Becoming vegan can help solve a whole range of world problems related to damaging environmental impacts and is something we are all able to help contribute to today!
being the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide entering the air, going plant based has been said to be the ‘single biggest way’ way that a single person can reduce their impact on earth. For us to keep our festival green we have chosen to not only have zero meat and dairy produce on site, but also to eliminate all
Most plastic that has ever been produced is still in existence today in one form or another. Plastic once being used as a versatile material that can build a whole wealth of useful things, has now become a large problem, with many of it ending up in landfill or in our oceans. If current trends continue plastics will outweighing fish in the ocean by 2050. Unfortunately 50% of the 300 tons produced each year is single use, serving a purpose only once and then never being used again. We can refuse this, and here at Anthropos we are choosing to do so.
As plastic is a highly toxic material, we aim to avoid single use plastics at all costs on site, striving to promote a reuse culture. Although tackling plastic needs to happen on a much larger scale, we hope that being without it for one weekend will show you how easy it can be to avoid when away from home and in turn help us all recognise how much plastic is in circulation in our day to day lives.
#reuse #refuse #reduce
serving all our food on plates you bring or ones we provide.
So please remember to pack your own; Plate / cup / knife / fork / spoon / reusable water bottle – or whatever you choose to eat and drink from.
But worry not! If you forget or don’t have space in your bag then we will have a deposit area where you can pick up all of these items for a small fee which will be returned once you have finished.
We hope you can be on board with our initiative.

Land and water
With Anthropos being just a baby and 12019 being our first year, we are excited to have you on board to join us in our new venture. Our site will be small and our water will be easily accessible for all, so do consider this when buying beforehand. With waste reduction being important to us and single use plastics being something we want to keep off our land then we encourage bringing refillable water bottles and containers with you. We will also be selling merchandise on site if you do forget your own vessels.
Each year in the UK we throw away 57 tonnes of reusable items at festivals alone, we ask that you leave no trace and take all items you brought with you back home. Be mindful when you pack your bags and talk to your friends about what they are bringing with them. Try and pack only reusable items, value what you own and keep it for as long as it will last!
We are asking all out guests to pay a £5 deposit toward waste disposal at the gate, this will be reimbursed at the end of the festival once your campsite is clean and rubbish is correctly disposed of.

Toilets and Products
We have chosen to supply our site with compost toilets, these are the most environmental way for you to do your business and means that your poop really matters! Compost toilets generate a circular system where our human waste helps to produce perfect compost to feed the soil that we use for growing crops. On top of this it uses no water at all as our waste is made up of 90% water which does most of the process for us, needing zero chemicals.
To continue avoiding chemicals here on site we have also asked all our vendors to only use eco-friendly cleaning products, this means that all our waste-water will not be filled with harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment and the eco-systems surrounding the site. We ask that you too keep this in mind when packing your wash bag. Please only bring all natural products to keep the ground and water happy and chemical free!
For every festival ticket sold we will plant a tree in your name! Having a positive impact on the planet even beyond the first edition of Anthropos Festival
This is as part of our evergrowing mission to be as green of a festival as possible
Tree Sapling