Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Lectures and Workshops

The transfer of knowledge through language and shared practice is arguably the most archaic form of teaching and humanity’s fundamental way of passing down skills and wisdom. By inviting a vivid diversity of incredible minds, ranging from scientists, anthropologists, musicians & artists, internationally acclaimed authors, influential speakers to general wise souls, we honor this tradition.

The lecture space will be a place to gain new insights into some of the most cutting edge topics as well as ancient philosophical discussions.

Workshops, Speakers, Lecturers and more:
Consciousness and One by Dr Adam Barret Psychedelic Stories by Anya Oleksiuk
Ayahuasca Ceremonies: Psychiatry and Spirituality Interwined by Benjamin Mudge
Mysteries and strange phenomena in evolution and genetics by Bianca De Sanctis
Soma revisited: using the stack to create protocols for consciousness augmentation by Carl Smith
Healing from trauma with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy by Dr Chloe Sakkal
Neuroscience of DMT by Chris Timmermann
Lucid Dreaming by Daniel Love
Anthropology by Dr G. Burr
Reconnecting to nature through ecopsychology, meditation and love by Kay Haw
What does it mean to claim that psychedelic experience is educational? by Lindsay Jordan
Minimising the negative effects of forest fragmentation, including arboreal bridges, agroforestry and community outreach by Lucy Holland
Reflections on gender in visionary/psychedelic culture by Maia Snow
Embodying the Mind – optimising human experience with psychedelics, breathing methods, somatic practices and technology by Marta Kaczmarczyk
Neuroscience behind yoga and meditation by Martha Allitt
Honest Non-Monogamy by Mel Mariposa Cassidy
Music Archeology by Rupert Till
Nature and Psychedelics: Exploring the Connection by Dr Sam Gandy
Bioacoustician specialising in marine mammal communication. Underwater sound, animal communication, culture and intelligence by Sara Niksic
Shifting perspectives: the psychedelic experience in film and tv by Sasha Frost

Anthropos is more than a music festival, it will be a place to learn and grow, in the hope that our experiences together will be integrated into your life, practice or perspective.

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