Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Performances and Ceremonies

There will be breathtaking performances and ceremonies throughout.

Performances and Circus Arts
Spectacular shows from the finest in the performance arts to stir the senses throughout the event. Our performance space will be a showcase of light, fire and theatic flow artists not to be missed.
There will be a circus tent with juggelling jam spaces as well as workshops taught by industry professionals. There will even be a chance to partake in the fireshows once you have undergone health and safety instruction!

Fireshows Show Contact
Fireshows Show Contact

Ceremonies always have been an important part of human life. From history to present day we are celebrating valuable days or events, on a personal and global level.

We invite you to Anthropos Festival where you can become part of ceremonies that will happen throughout the week. Feel free to express yourself in celebration of humanity and join the quest to raise consciousness of the planet. We believe in power of collective positive intention, spiced with a dose of fun and good vibes. Help us weave together ancient wisdom with present era knowledge, to create a fruitful and prosper future.

There will be three main ceremonies and many smaller ones across the days of the festival.

Join us for the Opening Ceremony on the Thursday evening as we welcome the whole festival to the space and community of Anthropos. A ritual so uniquely different to remember our past, our humanity, this Ceremony welcomes all to the meaning and experience of Anthropos. It is followed by opening the lecture, performance and workshop spaces, along with the related programming.

The absolute height of the festival will be celebrated with the Peak Ceremony on Saturday night. Expect fire spectacles and deep music. A potent time to stimulate ecstatic energies blooming in resonance with nature.

With the festival coming to an end we celebrate in the light of the full moon. Monday we gather to reflect, connect and give gratitude. A time to begin to unify the experiences of Anthropos, set in motion and observe the transformational processes, ground oneself and prepare to transfer the Anthrops family soul out into the world.