Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival

Anthropos Retreat

7-12 June

Anthropos Retreat offers an extensive programme, an incredible experience to grow, explore and create together!

A first of its kind, this unique retreat will be an exploration. It is a forward-looking and deeply engaging educational experience in the days leading up to Anthropos Festival. Get creative, relax and shape the way the festival will be.

For creatives and explorers providing a solid base in a broad range of areas this retreat programme is designed for gaining skills and practical knowledge as well as experiencing a mindfulness retreat. Whether that would be expanding upon mindfulness meditation, creative arts and music production. You can even be involved with decor and land art projects happening on site during build up for the festival.

Anthropos Retreat is practitioner-led and suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators, artists and musicians. Learn top skills from international masters in their field. Sharing their knowledge and skills for you to take the next step in your self development.

Come together with like minded people to learn in a community setting. Learn and share your mutual interests. Professional instructors teaching art, music production and mindfulness. The five day programme will cover:

Mindfulness Practice / Sound Healing / Yoga / Tai Chi & Qi Gong /
Lucid Dreaming / Art Instruction / Audio and Music Production / and much more!

We are facilitating space in beautiful woodlands and fields. Explore the local surroundings and savor being in the Hertfordshire countryside away from the hectic pace of life in your day to day.

Anthropos Retreat will run from Friday 7th to Wednesday 12th of June 12019.

Your investment will include instruction, workshops, camping and all meals from our wholesome vegan kitchen during the retreat.

Collaborate, get creative and shape the festival itself.

Bygrave Plantation,
Ashwell Road, Newnham,
Same as the Anthropos Festival site

Experts, Facilitators and Teachers joining us so far:
Music Producers:
Adam Goodlet: Re:Creation, Oversoul
Rory Gordziejko: Kwah, Tea Tree, Alterra Project
Charlie Bartlett: False Identity, Alterra Project

Morgan Mandala
Randal Roberts

Lucid Dreaming:
Sapphira Nan

Gestalt Therapy, Tansformation Dances and Body Work:
Kirsten Schültje
Sarah Howard

Dr. Gareth Burr
Lars Mattes

Nina Naomi

Tai Chi, Yoga and Chi Gong:
James Waters ( Shifu Waters & Wú Yǐng Quán )

Playing The VOICE:
Stefano Sgarbi

Circus skills:
Alan Lualdi

Land Art and Decor Making:
Jay Goulding and the Anthropos Crew

(many more TBA)

Six-day Retreat 7-12th June: £200 + BF