Anthropos Festival
Anthropos Festival


It is possible to volunteer both during Anthropos Festival itself and pre-festival.

We offer you: Festival entry, 3 vegan meals every day and water/soft drinks/teas throughout (before/during/after festival) and a crew t-shirt.

If you want to volunteer during the festival you pay a deposit of £122 and work shifts (which you can swap with other volunteers) between the 12th to the 17th of June.
Work includes things like: Stewarding, gate greeting, helping with parking, food preparation, waste management, production assistance, and many other small jobs. We are looking for enthusiastic people persons. Bring your own camping gear and a big smile!

You do not have to pay a deposit to join for this. Help out prior, so you can enjoy the whole festival.
We will be working, build structures and make decoration pre-festival on a friends farm half an hour from the festival location! We are looking for: handy people, woodworkers, carpenters, riggers, artists, creatives and hands on people.

Infrastructure build will start from the 1st of April.
We will build: Signage, Compost Toilets, Bin stands, Fencing, as well as important structures: Box Office, Info Stand + Lost and Found, Chai/Café and more.
Join in with our construction crew and lay the foundations of Anthropos!

Decor making and other creative work from the 1st of May.
Decor making sessions and land art projects. Help with different art projects and design land art!
Get creative with the décor crew and design the festivals look and feel!

Pre-festival will be a great time as a community, creating, learning and sharing during the day and fires + sleeping in shared yurts (or in your tent) during the nights. You don't need to be there throughout, unless you want to.
There will even be saunas and spa there!

Breakdown/Post-festival: If you are part of the pre-festival volunteering team we will ask some of you to help us with the breakdown from the 17-20th of June. and afterwards help us break it down for storage!

Please email (please check your spam) if you have any questions regarding volunteering at Anthropos Festival 12019.